Expert Podcast with Hugo Bakker: Erik Smithuis reveals the antidote of entrepreneurship

In 2002, Erik Smithuis and Harry-Peter Roefs set up an educational and business institute that now employ’s more than 240 trainers. ICM Educational & Trainings Institute has been named the best in the industry in the Netherlands 3 years in a row. An even nicer compliment for the hard work, ICM has been placed multiple times in the top 3 of best employers and received the ‘Great Place to Work’ award. And Erik can fill a room with 300 people at one of his seminars, just by sending out 1 email … !! ??

How did Erik manage all of this?
I met with Erik in his studio in Utrecht. To start off with 2 quotes from Erik:

“There is no formula for success.”

“If you want to make God smile you must tell him your plan.”

Erik has managed to create something very special in the business world and he reveals HOW he made ICM so big and still stay so humble.


> Please note: this interview is in Dutch