Seminar ‘Successful Impact’


Enjoy an impression of the ICM seminar ‘Making a Successful Impact’ that was held on Saturday 22 June 2013 in Amersfoort The Netherlands for more than 300 people. Erik Smithuis, co-founder of ICM, presented the 18 principles of influencing with great humor and interaction. This afternoon was dominated by the influence that you can exert to achieve what you want, both privately and professionally. Consider, for example, the influence you have during a conversation; by expressing your appreciation to the other person, stepping out of your comfort zone and being aware of your non-verbal communication, you have the outcome of the conversation in your own hands. The purpose of Erik’s seminars is to allow visitors to gain new knowledge in an inspiring way, to meet up with one another and to jointly focus on interesting themes.

> Please note : this short video is in Dutch