Erik Smithuis

"Erik is an inspiring, powerful, talented and extraordinary speaker!"


Erik is an inspiring and powerful speaker who shares much more than his own experiences. He knows how to energise and actively engage his audiences.

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Erik is the co-founder of ICM Educational & Business Training Institute. ICM has developed into a very successful company and has won several prizes.

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Erik is closely involved with various non-profit organizations and foundations such as Challenge Day.

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ICM Educational & Business Training Institute

In 2003 I started an education and business training institute named¬†ICM¬†together with my friend and business partner Harrie-Peter Roefs. ICM has grown into one of the three largest and most prominent training institutions in the Netherlands with more than 100 employees and 200 professionals. For six years in a row, ICM has been voted “Best Educational Institute of the Netherlands” and is in the top 3 of “Great Places to Work”. Since the start, ICM has now been able to train, coach and develop more than 100,000 people.

“Personal and professional development determine your future” is what I believe in. This applies to individual, team and organisational levels. As the opportunity to learn and grow is not available for all people I am very passionated about and involved with the following non-profit organisations.


4 Young People

The 4YoungPeople Foundation has been active since 2006 to help Young Professionals discover who they are, what they want and where their talents lie. 4YoungPeople believes that self-knowledge and growth contribute to happiness in life. 4YoungPeople offers training courses that stimulate personal and professional growth, at a low cost but still at a high level. This foundation is committed to curious starters and Young Professionals who want to progress in their development.


Netherlands Challenge Day Foundation

Chairman of the Board of the Netherlands Challenge Day foundation as a partner of the Challenge Day Foundation in the USA. In cooperation with the American founders of Challenge Day I have founded the Be The Change Europe Foundation. Both organisations have the goal of further promoting cooperation, openness and connection between people. Challenge Day USA has now helped more than 1 million teenagers and adults around the world to positively change their lives.


"Everyone thrives in a positive organizational culture" - Erik Smithuis

"The in-company seminar Positive Business Relationships was very inspiring and energising. Erik got everyone up and moving! We were all very inspired."

Monique van der Westerlaken

"If there are more seminars like this in the future, I will be there! My colleague are enthusiastic to join me next time!"

Elma Lageveen

"Erik is a very pleasant, inspiring and energetic speaker who motivates you through sharing his useful knowledge. He talks in a practical and relaxing way, making his message usable for yourself and others in your team and/or at work."

Priscilla Schoon