Success in Business

As humans, we often do not realize what we are capable of. We have an unprecedented potential that is rarely used. We have an unique gift that no other species has: the power of creation. As humans we can imagine and dream up everything. Our imagination is unique and ensures us that we have the opportunity to manifest what we come up with. Think of a beautiful building, a stunning piece of music or a delicious dish. We have the gift to create.

One occupation for a lifetime is no longer a reality. Entrepreneurs have a different view of the world, which leads to fun, happiness, inspiration and success. Successful entrepreneur, Erik Smithuis, is living proof of this. His unique seminar is very interactive, dynamic and creative where energy and fun are central. Erik gives you during his seminar more insights into the motives, mindset and qualities of successful entrepreneurs.


  • The essence of successful entrepreneurship
  • What real entrepreneurs do and don’t do
  • Motives, mindset & competences of successful entrepreneurs
  • Personal analysis: talents and obstacles
  • The 4 quadrants of entrepreneurship
  • Target group, positioning & market opportunities
  • Existing market or a new opportunity
  • The 7 elements of business vision & strategy
  • The keys to new entrepreneurship
  • From idea to result – how to manage this successfully
  • The experiment as a key business strategy
  • The difference between success and failure in entrepreneurship
  • The impact of doing business online
  • Different types of entrepreneurs: styles and preferences
  • The advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship
  • Business myths and other insights
  • Shared practice with practical situations and examples