Successful Impact

Successful Impact & Influcence

Do you want to increase your influence and impact professionally of personally? Do you want to get a better grip on your daily life and your surroundings? And would you like to gain more insight into the motives of yourself and other people?

Erik Smithuis talks in this seminar about the various instruments and techniques in which you can increase your impact in a positive way, and achieve more of an interactive, dynamic and creative energy.


  • The psychology behind making an impact
  • Increasing your own impact: achieving more with less energy
  • Different styles of influence and impact
  • The drive behind human behaviour: what motivates us?
  • Dealing with challenging personality types
  • Why does one person accomplish a lot more than another person?
  • The 3 I’s of IMPACT
  • The power behind asking the right questions
  • The art of active listening
  • Personal appearance and motivation: The how to’s and what not’s
  • Working together based on positivity