What others say about Erik :

“Erik’s keynote was impressive in so many ways. He took us on a journey, continued to fascinate us and incorporated authentic humor into his speech. A special experience that brings people together and makes them think. Very suitable for team formation. “

Martijn van der Kooij, Content Community Manager & Chief Editor PW

“I gained lots of energy from your inspiring story and incorporated the principles into my work!”

Patricia Peters

“Erik presented his Personal Leadership masterclass for our 50 event managers. Using many practical examples from his own experiences and based on insights from his books, he really knows how to reach everyone in the audience. I highly recommended Erik Smithuis!”

Annemieke Methorst

“The in-company seminar Positive Business Relationships was very inspiring and energising. Erik got everyone up and moving! We were all very inspired.”  

Monique van der Westerlaken

“Erik is a very pleasant, inspiring and energetic speaker who motivates you through sharing his useful knowledge. He talks in a practical and relaxing way, making his message usable for yourself and others in your team and/or at work.”

Priscilla Schoon

“I use so much of my new knowledge gained from Erik’s seminar when I am developing lesson plans and training programs for my clients. Thank you.”    

Melanie Pelupessy 

“I was impressed by this inspiring, fascinating and moving seminar!”

Diana van Malsen

“If there are more seminars like this in the future, I will be there! My colleague are enthusiastic to join me next time!”

Elma Lageveen

“My compliments for Erik’s inspiring books. They contains many recognisable and essential elements that are expressed in a very easy and practical way.”

Stef Schenkelaars

“Excellent seminar! I felt right at home and Erik is an inspiring, powerful, talented and exceptionally nice man and speaker!”

Ian Thompson

“Erik’s books are for everyone, easy to read and accessible. A nice read and useful over and over again.”

Online book review

“I really enjoyed his humor. Erik has a certain sobriety with which he discusses topics. But above all, he is great on stage. It’s all about things that are close to your heart. Thank you Erik, keep up the inspiring work you do!”

Marco van Steenhoven

“I was very inspired by Erik’s seminar”  

Hedy Gerards-Meijboom

“I am grateful for the inspiration I received through Erik’s book. Storytelling like this is a great tool that I use in my sales consulting.  I am still writing up my thoughts and actions following the inspirations from ‘The Spiritual Millionaire’.”

Martin von Wolfersdorff

“Inspiring speaker who knows how to give a good take home message! Very educational and motivating!”

4YoungPeople Foundation participant

“Erik presents in such a pleasant way that you stay actively engaged and take in the knowledge while staying interested in the subject matter for a long time.”

Priscilla Schoon, Eaton Industries

“I got an enormous boost of positive energy while listening to Erik.”

Peter Robertson

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