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up to 200 persons                        € 2,950 excl. VAT

from 200 persons                         € 3,750 excl. VAT

Webinar                                           price and duration to be determined


  • The Spiritual Millionaire
  • A Journey to Santiago de Compostela

0 – 50 copies          € 10,00  per copy

51 – 200 copies      €  8,00   per copy

201 – 250 copies    €  7,50   per copy

251 – 350 copies    €  7,00   per copy

(store value is 15 euro)
These prices are not including 9% tax.

"I use so much of my new knowledge gained from Erik's seminar when I am developing lesson plans and training programs for my clients. Thank you."

Melanie Pelupessy 

“Erik presented his Personal Leadership masterclass for our 50 event managers. Using many practical examples from his own experiences and based on insights from his books, he really knows how to reach everyone in the audience. I highly recommended Erik Smithuis!"

Annemieke Methorst

"My compliments for Erik's inspiring books. They contains many recognisable and essential elements that are expressed in a very easy and practical way."

Stef Schenkelaars

"Erik's keynote was impressive in so many ways. He took us on a journey, continued to fascinate us and incorporated authentic humor into his speech. A special experience that brings people together and makes them think. Very suitable for team formation. "

Martijn van der Kooij, Content Community Manager & Chief Editor PW

Future events where Erik will be speaking :

  • Personal Leadership: Getting a grip on your life (with Joseph Oubelkas)

    Suppose you want to do something differently in your life, but because of setbacks or lack of time it hasn't yet been possible. How do you reinvent yourself and take charge of your future? On Monday afternoon, September 14th, Joseph Oubelkas and Erik Smithuis will demonstrate how you to achieve goals faster and more effectively and in every situation during their seminar on personal leadership. The better you understand yourself, the better you position yourself in your company, in your team and in the world. Joseph explains how, after years of wrongly imprisonment in Morocco, he took matters into his own hands. Erik shares insights about talents and making difficult decisions. At the end of the afternoon you will go home with practical tips and new ideas. PLEASE NOTE: THIS SEMINAR IS IN DUTCH

  • Working better together

    Improved collaboration with your colleagues while creating a positive organisational culture is something we all want to achieve. How do you assure more successful results and at the same time more job satisfaction within your organisation and / or team? Once you realise and accept the fact that everyone has their own unique experiences, wishes and expectations, you will be one step ahead in improving collaboration with your co-workers. On Monday December 14th, Erik Smithuis, co-founder of ICM, will share his many years of knowledge and experiences during the seminar 'Working better together (with your colleagues)'. He talks about how you can collaborate effectively with your colleagues, how to get your team moving and the role of authenticity, silence and reflection. PLEASE NOTE: THIS SEMINAR IS IN DUTCH

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