The Inspirer

"If you enjoy and have fun in all you do, the success or result cannot fail"

Erik started his journey and personal development very actively from the age of 25. Through various coaching and training courses in The Netherlands and abroad. But, also by reflecting, writing and reading all kinds of bibliographies and books and by gaining hands-on experiences. What Erik has found out more than ever in recent years is that he is here to share inspiration and love. Everywhere he goes, whether in business, when meeting with acquaintances and even with strangers. It is his mission to spread love, positivity and the greater good. Having fun in life and laughing regularly is very important to Erik.

The core values ​​in business, according to Erik, are quality and result in combination with emphasis and fun. One cannot do without the other. Erik believes that everyone in influential. If you see yourself as someone who can exert influence, you can do this in a positive or less positive way. Erik chooses to show his influence always in a positive way.

In 2015 Erik walked 800 kilometers, in six weeks, to Santiago de Compostela. This was one of the happiest periods in his life. Six weeks without email or a telephone, six weeks without news, six weeks exercising outdoors in nature everyday. Erik has met all kinds of people during his walk to Santiago. At one point he met someone who shared with him the following inspiration: “I found what I was looking for. Life revolves only around three things: health, nature and being with other people. Erik felt that this wisdom was absolutely true. Look at everything we strive for and think we need every day in our lives. If that does not satisfy one of these three aspects then we are missing out somewhere.

“If you can dream it, you can do it!”