Business Relationships

Successful business relationships within positive organisation cultures

Do you want to experience more fun within your organisation or team and achieve successful results? This seminar is interactive & dynamic with high energy and full of inspiration! ICM Educational & Business Institute has been chosen several times as one of the best employers in the Netherlands and Europe. Erik Smithuis, co-founder of ICM, shares the most important success factors during this seminar to effortlessly achieve your organisation goals!


  • The essence of collaboration
  • The 4 principles for successful organisations
  • Strengthening each other’s talents
  • The complexity of business relationships
  • How to get a team motivated & moving
  • Increasing support & involvement
  • How to make the difference as an organisation or team
  • Dealing with conflicts and resistances
  • Effective leadership in a positive organisational culture
  • The importance of authenticity, silence and reflection
  • Why happy people perform better
  • Shared practice from practical situations and examples