The Spiritual Millionaire

David is 35 years old. He has attained all he ever wanted: a fantastic career, a beautiful girlfriend and a luxurious penthouse in Dubai. Or so he thought…
He stands to loose it all when unexpectedly an incident occurs that will change his life and everything known to him forever.
During his search for a new purpose, David discovers hidden wisdom enabling him to unleash and obtain all of his dreams.
The Spiritual Millionaire is a clearly written novel containing a deeper layer for all those who desire an exceptional life.

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A Spiritual Journey to Santiago de Compostela

A dream is precious, something soft and nice, we could say even spiritual. We cannot take it in our hands and show it to someone, because a dream is personal. As if our soul is trying to express a deep desire for which we were born into this life. A dream is an expression of our most inner being and because of that it deserves attention.

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